Monday, September 22, 2008

The Scorecard - Updated

Wow. I didn't pull any punches with my old Scorecard, did I? And since then, my opinions of people have changed, new people have been added, and some fell by the wayside.
Boo and Meg, for example, got married and now live in GA. JT is now Lucky's manager, and I can actually say and spell "Janneke", JT's wife. She still keeps her hair in blonde dreads, but she works for a different hospital now. She's also a rollergirl for BERG, the Big Easy Rollergirls. Her name is "Fleur d'Lethal", but she may change it to "Meggan Groceries".
Jack is still around, but only just realized that we really, really are not dating anymore. Took him a few years. I still care about him, but it is NOT meant to be.
Destiny gave up being a night-time cabbie for United and is now a grade school teacher. She lives with her boyfriend, Johnny, who does construction work. The "marriage" word is in their future.
Rose and Dan are regulars at Lucky's. Debbie still works there, as well, and new bartenders come and go. Karen is still there, and she dumped loser Travis and is now with Angelo, and all is right with that.
A different Travis (AKA T-Love or Big Travis or Big T) is a much-beloved regular at Lucky's, as well.

For the Milwaukee scorecard, we have Dave, the owner of the bar I hang out at, and my friend. Also friends with Chuck, Mike & Beth (AKA Foodlovers), Amy, and Kelly. Daniel, my friend of 21 years, is no longer my friend. His loss.
Other assorted people include: Nancy, Andy, Kevin/George, Chris/Goober, Jackie, and my family members.

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