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2005 is Odd, So Far - 1/2/05

From JC - 1/2/05 - 2005 Is Odd, So Far...

You know how, sometimes, when you're sick, everything around you seems TOO bright, and TOO real....but at the same time, you have a feeling that if you blink one too many times, it'll all disappear?
I have that right now.
I woke up yesterday not hung over, but sick. Most likely a sinus infection. I can't breathe without gagging. I haven't eaten since New Year's Eve. I haven't smoked since then, either.
The only meds I've taken are the horrid-sounding "Mucinex", and some hot tea.
Oh, and I took some Excederin, too....kinda hoping that this was all just hangover-related.
Nothing changed, so I guess not.

I was supposed to go to Lucky's last nite to see OTEL play.
Also, Angelo bought me a Christmas prezzie, and said he would bring it last nite to give it to me.
I'm very touched, and now feeling guilty, because I have nothing for him.
I told him he didn't have to get me anything, and he said "I wanted to." He said he gave everyone a prezzie except bartender Debbie...'cause nobody really likes Debbie. I felt guilty leaving her out, tho', and I got her something small, anyway.
Then he said, "I hope you like it", to which my response was, "Well, of course I will", and he said, "No, I mean I really do hope you'll like it", with a touch of anxiety. Well, as anxious as Angelo can get, anyway....he's way mellow.
This makes me think that (unlike a lot of guys) he actually gave thought to what to get me.
I'm touched.
Destiny is, too. She said she's more anxious than I am to see what he got me now. Heh.
I'm s'posed to go to Grits on Lyons to watch the football games today. They have many TV's, so we can watch the Saints, the Packers, and the Jets all at once. I've never been to this bar before, but apparently, the rest of the Lucky's crowd goes there quite often.
Besides not being able to breathe, I guess I feel OK. Just spacey.
I don't work tomorrow, so I could stay out late if I really wanted to.
Do I really want to?
Being sick means rest and tea and meds.
But I really want to watch the games. I'll only get the Saints game if I watch at home.
And I want see what Angelo got me.

I think I'll take a shower. I always think (and feel) better after a shower, sick nor not.

I'm kinda worried about my parents. They went to Greece for New Year's Eve. I usually talk to them every Sunday morning at 8 AM (my time), regardless of what time zone they happen to be in.
I tried all of their numbers there, and nobody answered any of them.'s now 8.30 AM (my time), and they haven't called me, either.
It's evening in Greece. They could be headed out to dinner somewhere. If they're in the mountains, they don't get phone reception.
If I don't hear from them in about an hour, I'll start calling my sisters for news.

The start of 2005 continues to remain....odd.

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