Monday, September 22, 2008

Debating 12/30/04

From JC, 12/30/04 - Debating

I'm debating on whether or not to go to Lucky's tonite.
I mean...I was there last nite for a while (I picked up Becca and took her to the airport), and I'll be there tomorrow nite for NYE. And again on Sunday to watch football.
That's way too much time to spend in a bar.
On the other hand....
I'm bored.
The only person I've talked to all day (besides the kitties) was the guy at the brake tag inspection station.

I already did my "I'm Bored Drive", which consists of driving in a circle in/around the city.
I start at Camp, and drive into the French Quarter. I ogle the tourists as they ogle everything else. Drive by Johnnie White's to see if I know anyone in there.
That eventually leads me to Rampart. I take Rampart to Esplanade Ave. Beep the horn as I pass by Destiny's apartment. See if Nick Cage is at his house. Turn onto Decatur, and drive past the Cafe du Monde, Jackson Square, and all the buggies. Pass by House of Blues to see what tour busses are there.
This leads me back to Magazine Street. I drive the entire length, then turn and drive back the entire length of St. Charles Avenue. I peek at Lucky's as I pass, to see if I know anyone sitting on the porch, or if I recognize the cars or bikes parked in front.
Then I turn and end up back at my house.

All in all, it takes about an hour and a half to do the circuit, depending on traffic and how many tourists jump in front of my car.

It's 74 degrees here, btw. A nice sunny day.

Meh, I guess I'll go. I don't work tomorrow.
And Sandy is working. She's cool. She made me brownies for my birthday.
And perhaps Sean will join me later for a shot.

That wasn't much of a debate, was it? Heh.

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